Last Update: 11/4/2019  
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This page will help you generate a map showing all UIC, Oil & Gas, and SEO wells within an area of review for a specified location (lat/long). To do so, you will need to define the minimum area of review, fill out a radius calculation if applicable, then provide a latitude and longitude value and the 'View AOR Map' link will be enabled. Click on the 'View AOR Map' link to open a new window with a map of the AOR.

Minimum Area of Review
Minimum Area of Review Required by Rules:

Radius of Cone of Influence Calculation
Density of Injected Fluid (p): gm/cm3
Acceleration of Gravity (g): cm/sec2
Viscosity of Water (u): (help) gm/cm-sec
Permeability of Injection Zone (Ki): cm2
Hydraulic Conductivity of Injection Zone (K): feet/day

Thickness of Injection Zone (H): feet
Hydrostatic Head of USDW (W): feet
Hydrostatic Head of Receiver (B): feet
Specific Gravity of Injection Zone Fluid (G): dimensionless
Injection Rate (Q): feet3/day
Storage Coefficient Exponent (x): dimensionless

Time of Injection (t): days
Storage Coefficient (S): dimensionless

Cone of Influence: feet

Radius of Volumetric Fill-up Calculation
Porosity of Injection Zone (n):   percent (%)

Radius of Volumetric Fill-up: feet

Maximum Area of Review: feet

Latitude:   Acceptable Latitude Range: 41.000000 to 45.000000
Longitude:   Acceptable Longitude Range: -111.200000 to -104.000000
Interval Top Depth: feet from surface
* You must specify a Latitude and Longitude to view the map.
NOTE: These values are only used for displaying the AOR map and are not saved to the database.